Residency Program

In 2020 BAU created the pilot edition of BAU AIR². For a month, an international and a local maker worked simultaneously in the BAU Studios on the further development of new work. During this work period we organized several activities where the development of both makers was shared with an audience. The first edition of BAU AIR² was a real success and it was well received by the public and the press. BAU is now elaborating on this with a completely new program of residencies that we plan to start after the summer of 2021. With the BAU AIR residency program we are taking a special place in the field of independent dance and performance, complementary to the production houses and master programs.

BAU will provide various types of work periods for experimental, innovative makers from the performing arts. We select groundbreakers from the Netherlands and abroad and offer young and proven talent the space to further develop their work. BAU is a laboratory for artistic research, creation and experimentation. In doing so, we actively invite an audience for presentations of the developments that arise during the residencies, and specifically professional partners from our network.

The residency program is under development and may be adjusted in the near future. In order to give you an idea of the new direction we are taking, you will find some brief information below about the approach of the different residencies.  

BAU AIR is a regularly recurring, tailor-made residency of four weeks for a professional in the performing arts. BAU selects makers on the basis of an open call. We offer young and proven talent from the Netherlands the space for independent artistic research within the various stages of the creation process. The focus is on the journey of development, not on a final product. Each residency will end with an informal public presentation in the BAU Studio.

BAU AIR² is an annual residency that encourages international cross-fertilization. For a period of 1 to 2 months, an international and a local artist work simultaneously on the further development of their own artistic idea. BAU invites international makers to submit an artistic plan and pairs the selected maker with a local talent. In dialogue with them both, BAU develops a tailor-made program with workshops, studio presentations and other forms of knowledge exchange. We conclude the residency with a public presentation. This may take place in the BAU studios or at one of the BAU AIR² partners in Amsterdam, such as Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond and Veem House for Performance.

BAU AIR GREENHOUSE is an annual, tailored four-week residency for a mid-career professional. The Amsterdam development network GREENHOUSE of which BAU is a co-founder, selects a proven talent from the broad field of independent dance and performance in the Netherlands. Where needed, they will guide the resident during his/her/their stay. We discuss the options for presentation and what knowledge can be exchanged. The residency ends with an informal, public presentation in the BAU Studio or at one of the GREENHOUSE partners: Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Keren Levi|Never Like, Nicole Beutler Projects and Veem House for Performance. The resident can also participate in GREENHOUSE events such as the Salons.

Once a year BAU organizes the BAU AIR DOTE, a residency in co-production with Festival Dancing on the Edge (DOTE). This residency focuses specifically on socially engaged productions that take the Middle East and Africa as their subject matter. It can be a talent who has his/her/their base in the Middle East or North Africa, or a maker with a base in the Netherlands who is substantively engaged with current events in the Middle East or North Africa. Both young and proven talents can be selected for this residency.
Festival Dancing on the Edge