About BAU

Public space for innovative performing arts research and presentation 

is a public, independent breeding ground for innovative makers in the performing arts. It covers the full breadth of the field of dance, performance and all kinds of crossovers with, for example, music, visual art and architecture. BAU initiates a varied program of activities including residencies, labs and work-in-progress presentations. Herewith we make the development of exciting new work by artists accessible and visible to a general audience.

Organisation BAU 
Daily Management/Artistic leader/Curator: Eva Villanueva  
Financial Management: Marten Oosthoek (interim)
Production: Marjolein Vogels
Communication: Iris Peters 

Board of directors BAU foundation
Chairman: Nicole van Vessum
Secretary: Jeroen Fabius
Treasurer: Bram de Jaeger

BAU consults a team of independent makers for specific advice. With this advisory team, we stay informed about current events in the field of performing arts and are connected to a large network.

RSIN tax number: 8556 95 687
Chamber of Commerce: 64505774
Statutory name: BAU Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is: producing and presenting artistic activities and events. The foundation aims to promote the performing arts in Amsterdam and beyond, and furthermore everything that is directly or indirectly related or beneficial to this, all in the broadest sense.