Michele Rizzo

Michele Rizzo is a choreographer and visual artist. In the past years he has made works inspired by the experience of dancing in clubs, responding to the believe that choreography manifests as the resultant of a process of decentralisation of agency, a distillation of the remains of the constant battle between the tendency to preserve and construct and the one to decompose and surrender, the overlaps between insiderness and outsiderness. 

Michele Rizzo, photo Marjolein Vogels

During the residency at BAU Michele turned his attention to an entirely research based process, which focus on a very specific aspect of his ongoing practice. He devised practices of imagination as creative tools, attempting to prove how these could be considered as constitutive part of both intimate and social experiences, as opposed to seeing them as mere manifestations of the realm of the unreal. The research aims to define a movement language and a performativity that favour a mode of existence of discovery and learning, attempting to fight representation in order to construct sense.

photo Reinout Bos

Michele  also offered a workshop on the subject and in his public sharing invited us for a conversation with his colleague and friend Toni Steffens, to talk about his current research in relationship to his body of work:


In the attempt of exploring qualities of being which are not oriented towards and within the experience of being a body, the research aims to discover the possibility - or impossibility- of inhabiting and exploring space-time through immateriality, exploring the senses available to our perception, but as well working towards desensitization and dematerialiation.


As opposed to consigning it indissolubly to the realm of the unreal, imagination emerges as a constitutive part of both intimate and social experiences.


When the body is gone, but the gaze remains, the space emerges like a wild animal in the forest.

photo Reinout Bos